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Guaranteed Automobile Financing for people with bad credit or low credit scoresGet guaranteed automobile financing today regardless of your past credit problems.
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Bad Credit? - APPROVED!
Your West Michigan source for Guaranteed automobile financing with quick approval!

Past Bankruptcy? - APPROVED!
With our Guaranteed automobile financing, you can drive your new car home today!

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Bad Credit? West Michigan, you CAN get automobile financing for your new car - Guaranteed!

Bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy are facts of life. Bad credit and low credit scores often make it difficult for you to secure the financing you need to purchase the car you want. If you live and work in West Michigan, your bad credit or low credit solution for automobile financing is GR Car Credit, West Michigan's largest automobile financing source for the sub prime market.

GR Car Credit has the experience and the resources to get your automobile financing approved now and put you behind the wheel of a new car today. We won't waste your time or keep you waiting. Once you complete our simple online automobile financing application we'll be in contact with the approval you've been looking for. It only takes a few minutes to apply and could change your life. Why not get started right now? At GR Car Credit, quick approval and guaranteed automobile financing is only a mouse click away.

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